Randomness at the Library

I am sitting in the library getting increasingly more irritated with the fact that I can’t find the articles I need, so I am taking a break to write. The summer keeps slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate. I grow more anxious about comps everyday. Because I am still working on my assistantship, I feel like I don’t have adequate time to study. I am in a snarky mood today, which results in my being annoyed by things that usually wouldn’t bother me: the girl down the row of computers in the library who won’t stop talking on the phone or go downstairs to get headphones for her computers so that we all don’t have to listen to Brittany Spears, the guy who is sitting across from me who keeps walking back and forth to talk with his child who isn’t sitting next to him which would make things way easier, and the fact that I can smell my feet-stink wafting up from my damn Tevas that always smell so bad. I started the day well, too. I don’t understand it. I walked the dogs, had coffee with a friend, and went for a bike ride. For breakfast I had a banana, strawberries, yogurt, juice, and peppermint tea. How could a day that starts so beautifully render me snarky? Your guess is as good as mine. But it sometimes happens. Yesterday, I ran and walked about six and a half miles. My hips hurt last night, but they are fine today so that isn’t it.

I am listening to Pandora, and Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” just came on. I have never heard her before, but I can see why my friends keep telling me I would like her. I do. If you create a Indigo Girls station, you will get some pretty good new music suggestions.

Since the last time I wrote, we had a big Fourth of July celebration at our house. We can see the fireworks from our front porch, so it is nice to have people come by and have dinner and then watch the city ofo Muncie spend way too much on explosives. This year—this is ironic because we just closed one fire station and laid off twelve fire-fighters—Muncie almost didn’t have fireworks because there weren’t any available fire trucks to cover the show. In Muncie, if there is no fire truck, there are no fireworks. That would have been just desserts for the mayor in my opinion. I am sure she would have had to do more than carry her gun and have the Star Press write an article about her and her gun. I wonder how many firefighters’ jobs could have been saved with the money used to buy the fireworks.

Now Ani Difranco is singing “School Night” from one of my favorite of her albums, Revelling/Reckoning. I am jealous because my friend Amy got to go see her in Los Angeles. She said it was like a patchouli-hemp sandwich in the auditorium. Of course it was; I am her typical fan. I think all of her fans are slightly granola. Mmm.

6 responses to “Randomness at the Library

  1. I love you.

  2. Why do you love me?

  3. ab's lover

    oh, you know why. cuz you’re you. and that’s all you ever have to be.

  4. ab's lover

    you used GRANOLA! I labeled you as exactly that when we were at the Boo Boddle! HAHAHAHAHA. you’re too much! 🙂

  5. and see, i’ve MISSED yours.

    by the way, i relocated to wordpress from blogspot yesterday. you’re right–it’s way better than either of the other two. i’ll probably keep the xanga just to keep in touch with joel. otherwise, it’s wordpress.

    i agree with ab.

  6. I love Pandora. And I hate that I never see ya’ around. 😦

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