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  1. I love the self reflection….Many of us do not look into our lives with real and intense reflection on how we truly live our lives, how we celebrate wins and failures. Celebrate failures… hmmm. Surround yourself with those who push you to be better at living life to its fullest. I want to know your passions more than what you do. I will take a realist any day over a Polly Anna view. People always tell me I am an optimist, a free spirit. I want to be an inspiration and be inspired at all times. I feel my years in special education and a believer in God has opened my eyes to what real. My view on life now I suppose is to keep from labeling and judging appearances and motive. Never stop educating yourself,
    “be a lover of many things” (Van Goth.) Look at the roots of who you are this coming New Year and allow continual growth into your very being at all times of the year. Thanks again, for your inspirational writings they keep me in touch with my beliefs and values. Happy Above and Beyond!

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