VD and my Dad

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope the title tips you off a bit to my feelings about this lovely holiday.

I saw my dad yesterday and he looked good. He was extremely proud of his scar?! And he has already, true to form, read the entire booklet that came with his pacemaker. He thought parts of it were pretty funny: who would sit six inches from a Wi-Fi enabled computer?! Why would you stand six inches from a microwave oven?! and why would your cell-phone ever be six inches from your heart?! He seems to be mostly back to normal and could have come home yesterday were it not for the emergency level staffing of the hospital. I think he will come hoem tomorrow.

The previous post is an asignment for my CNF class. It is a bit cheesy, but I think cheese is good. Especially cheese curds, they squish between your teeth, but only if they haven’t been refrigerated.

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