Dad’s Home

My mom and dad made a surprise visit to Starbucks on my dad’s way home yesterday. My dad’s Christmas present from my mom, a Hudson Bay coat that didn’t fit because of all the water he was retaining, fits now. They looked pretty suave together, and it was good to see them not so frazzled. I hope that they will both try to rest for a minute, and that mom can go back to school to the thing that she loves the most. I hope Dad wil actually take some time off, though I doubt it. I wish the doctor would make him skip work for a bit, but he told him that as soon as he felt good enough, he could go back. I assume that is the reason he was solving computer problems for people from his hospital bed. Good thing he didn’t die, Subway wouldn’t be able to sell any sandwiches! *sarcasm implied*

I went to see Hannibal Rising last night–definitely a rental for those who haven’t seen it. However, my brother liked it, so maybe for the adventurous a trip to the theater is in order. I love Thomas Harris because I usually can’t figure out where the story will end up, but in the case of Hannibal Rising, I was pretty sure after about the first ten minutes. Plus the theater was freezing! And the popcorn made my tummy hurt!

Finally, between Becky and Kelly, I think I have my attitude back in check. People ask me if I am angry. I am not. I simply think this whole thing is a matter of life. Life begins, it ends, it has bumps. This is like a Muncie sized pothole, but I think it didn’t break my axel, so I am still going. After all, what else can we do but “keep on keepin’ on”?

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