Coochie Snorchers: Lent Day 4

I went out last night with my friends from SBUX. Sort of a small goodbye. We went to the Heorot and had cheap pizza and good beer, then Steph and I went to the Vagina Monologues (sorry Sarah, but I had already wasted the evening…I couldn’t bear to use up Sunday afternoon as well!). I am always amazed at how the monologues about abused women affect me. The actors did a couple of new ones this year that Ensler wrote in repsonse to the war in Iraq and the acid burnings of women in India and Pakistan. They were so moving. Ensler words move me, not because they are her words, but because she is writing them on behalf of women who still in 2007 have no voice. How in 2007 can women still be silenced? How can it shock people to learn how women are treated in some cultures? The largest hush came over the crowd when the statistics for rape were recited. I think most peopel were shocked at how many women are raped in the US each year. Violence against women is something we don’t discuss enough and something we definitely don’t do enough about.

I have to say my three favorite monologues are funny ones, though. The Angry Vagina, The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could, and The Woman Who Loves to Make Vagina’s Happy are all hysterically (literally) funny and poignant. Of course they are coarse and border on being crass, but what is a little lowbrow humor between friends? Besides, if you can’t laugh at the thought of a vagina being angry at a dry wad of cotton (a tampon), what can you laugh at?

Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7
Were the tree of life and the tree of knowledge really right next to each other in the middle of the garden? Because that would suck to have to walk right past the forbidden one to get to the one you could have. I think it would be sort of like being a child and being forced to walk past the candybars on the way out of the grocery store. Also, every time I read this passage it bugs the crap out of me that it says she gave some to her husband WHO WAS WITH HER! Why do women get the bad rap? If Adam was there, why didn’t he say stop, Eve, don’t eat it, Eve, I’m not eating it, Eve, or something!

Romans 5:12-19
Hmmm… Paul, so many words, to say so little. Adam sinned and was disobedient, so people were condemned. Jesus didn’t sin and was obedient, so people were justified. At least Paul puts some blame on Adam?!

Matthew 4:1-11
Jesus was tempted but didn’t give in. Is that the connection? That and he was hungry, too.

Obviously, I am not feeling very intelligent today. I didn’t get much sleep.

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