LD 22 and 23: Still Not Too With It!

Deuteronomy 4: 1, 5-9
Matthew 5:17-19

Jeremiah 7: 23-28
Obey. Jeremiah writes entirely about obedience, and as I scanned the rest of the texts for this week, that seems to be a recurring theme. Much like Jesus was a model of obedience, Jeremiah calls us to obey, as well. I like verse 29: “Cut off your hair and throw it away; take up a lament on the barren heights, for the Lord has rejected and abandoned this generation that is under his wrath.” What this means to me is, show your repentence and show your sorrow at your disobedience. Sometimes it is hard for me to read parts of scripture like this. I don’t want to have to admit that I am wrong. I don’t want to have to admit that I needto repent for anything. I certainly don’t want to go out on a barren height where all people can see me and show my remorse for my sin. I do like to cut my hair, though.

Luke 11: 14-23
I have to say that this passage has always puzzled and disturbed me. Why does Jesus even argue with them? Why doesn’t he just let it go? I like this passage because, for me, it is a glimpse into Jesus humanity. He could have just smited them, which is what I would have done given the ability to do it, but instead he explains to them who he is: “if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you.” He goes on to say to them that they are either with him or for him. I think this points to his humanity because he is trying to prove himself, in a way, to the people, but it also speaks to his godliness because he doesn’t just smite them.

I am going out on a limb today and putting my resume in for an assistant manager job at Hot Topic. I am very nervous, but I am also hopeful. I am in the best possible position. I have a job that I love, and I have the opportunity to see if there is something more out there for me. Besides, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work in a place where I could have all the piercings and tattoos showing that I want, purple hair, and no uniform! I also would be working with a guy that I have known forever, and that wouldn’t be bad either! Bonus of constant amazng music, and fun customers. Hope with me.

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