LD 34: What Did He Write On The Ground?

Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62
Good luck finding this one. I am not sure what it is supposed to be.

John 8: 1-11
It kills me not to know what Jesus wrote on the ground, but maybe that is why I love this story. I will never know. The only people who know are the woman and her accusers. I love the mystery. The glorious mystery. I want to think he wrote: “Grace, grace, grace, grace.” I think it would be wryly humorous, if he started writing the names of all the men gathered around her, who she had slept with. I think it would be even more poignant if he listed all the women her husband had slept with. Okay, maybe not funny or wry, but convicting. It would be interesting, as well, if Jesus wrote all the other sins the men, who were gathered around her, had committed. I think what touches me about this story is that that Jesus stands with the woman in the face of her sin. He joins her in her shame. Think about it. If someone was going to be stoned, would you want to be standing next to her? If people started throwing rocks, don’t you think some would hit you, especially if you were bent over writing in the dirt? This is what I love about Jesus-what I personally love about Jesus. I feel like Jesus would stand next to Brittany Spears and wrap his arm around her and say, you don’t have to do this, I love you. He would have stood next to Matthew Shepherd and said, which of you can cast aspersions, I love him. He would stand next to Saddam Hussein, or Osama Bin Laden, or George W. Bush and say: “Neither do I condemn you, go now and leave your life of sin.” But he would be there in the moment with the person who is being persecuted, he would hold the hand of the downtrodden, he would stand with us in the face of our punishment, he would accept our shame. He stands with me when I fuck it up, ready to be stoned right along with me. That’s what I love about Jesus. I am not shamed or ashamed.

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