A New Day

Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that today is a new day. Yesterday’s worries, tomorrow’s worries, they don’t figure into today. What was done yesterday is done. What will be done tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t impact my day today. What does impact my day today are my actions and reactions. I cannot live my life camped out in the desert like one of the desert fathers or mothers for several reasons. As frustrating as it may be, I cannot imagine my life without people. I cannot imagine life without interaction with others. I frequently say that life would be fine without the nuisance of others. I care too much for them, the others. I want to know why people walk with their heads slung low. I want to know why my stomach leaps certain people cross my path. I want to know why I can walk right past a homeless person and then weep at church on Easter Sunday. I want to know why there is still injustice in the world and why I am part of it. I want to know why I can’t leave people alone. Why? What is it about people that draws me to them? Is it their reflection of the divine? Is it the image of God hiding within them? Today is a new day and I will recognize the whisper of the divine in humanity. I will seek it out with diligence. Where divine flame are you hiding?

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