Snow All Over the Menu Boards

I am sure that every employee at every business that has a drive through knows their menu board is covered in snow. That happens when it snows. It sticks to things. We know. We see it snowing. We see it sticking. You don’t need to tell us that.

Monday I am going with my friend, Molly, to learn about volunteering at the Muncie Mission. I am pretty excited. I have really been reflecting on my life lately. I waste a lot of things that I shouldn’t. I have too many clothes. Too many things. I am so picky about food. I won’t eat ice cream if it has been open for longer than a week. It tastes funny to me. I told Becky on the way home from the grocery store that I need to work on it. I have the ability to be picky about food when over half the world doesn’t get enough food and people die constantly from starvation. I won’t eat week old ice cream.

I hope it works out so that we can volunteer together for the first couple of times. I hate trying to get to know new people, so working at the same time as Molly will be encouraging. Some people you meet, you feel like you have known forever. She is one of those for me. I think that is the moving of the holy spirit. It is sweet. I like it.

Isaiah 31 and 32, Psalm 141, Revelation 13 and 14

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