What are you doing to make it happen today?

It feels a bit like something a motivational speaker would say. But I have to say that I was intrigued to hear it come from the mouth of a coworker of mine who is graduating from Taylor University. He said that quote is one of the best things he learned in college. I guess unlike the movie Reality Bites, and so many of us in Gen X, David learned more than his social security number. One of his professors said to them (the students in the class) that if they wanted something to happen, like a change or an improvement, they should ask themselves what they are doing to help foster that change. What are you doing about it today?

I would like to finish my Ph.D. one day, but what am I doing about it today? So short of only remembering xxx-xx-xxxx, what else am I doing today to make the world a bit better?

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