My dad is having another surgery today. One of the wires fell off of his heart, and they have to go back in and reattach it. How shitty is that! Considering that he just took his bike to the car wash and cleaned it all up because he was ready to get back in shape again. So keep him in your thoughts at around 1PM today. According to my favorite nurse, it should be an out-patient procedure.

Incidentally, I took Sydney to the vet to lose his two best friends today, as well. He was just pissed because he couldn’t have any snacks when he got back from his walk this morning. Pippin and Lily were also a bit confused about the lack of water in their house. Bec said it was pretty funny.

Other things to consider praying about, thinking happy thoughts for, doing a chant or performing a ritual in honor of: we find out today about our house’s electricity, I am still working on this paper (I am no longer half in love with Kate Chopin-okay, I am…but still), my friend Merideth just got a new house, and my friend Amy’s dog had surgery (possibly for cancer), and I am waiting to hear about the Ph.D. program. You know not much going on here! Thanks.

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