Untitled: But Really It’s Titled What If?

What would happen if we all stopped evaluating each other and just loved each other? What would the world be like then? What if there was no drive or push to be the best? What if there wasn’t a coolest brand of anything? What if we all just had enough? What if we all did what we love? What if life were simple and not a game of guessing who your friends really are? What we were all content with ourselves? What if we were all in awe of a higher power who gave our lives meaning? What if everyday were like a sitcom where it all comes together at the end and everyone learns something every episode? What if every day smelled like a baby, that soft smell of their tender skin? What if we all looked each other in the eye and smiled and really said hello? What if everyone could read? What if we all had enough food? What if there were no pesticides? What if we all had shelter if we wanted it? What if I could understand how other people feel and where they come from? No really feel? What if? What if?

Do you have a what-if?

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