New Day. Same Struggle

You know, I struggle. I struggle to make meaning of the things going on around me. I hate waking up to conflict. I appreciate NPR, but do they have to start the morning off with combat every morning. I don’t want to know, first thing, that 400 more people were killed. I know that happens without being inundated with this information first thing in the morning. What I have started doing is coming down stairs, walking over to the radio, and turning it to CD. Yesterday I listened to Andrew Peterson, who is a great narratively based Christian artist. He tells the story of being in the far country, and what that looks like for him through the stories of biblical people. Interesting and good.

I am getting ready to go to my rhetoric class and talk about feminism. I should say argue about feminism because that is what it will be. I am a feminist, but I am not sure if I buy it. Aren’t we all just equal. I understand the struggle for women to be equal, but what is wrong with the world that there has been a struggle anyway. I know the true feminist struggle is for equality, but all the language based issues just seem inocuous and irrelevant. I do get frustrated when I know that people are functioning inside an old boys network, when an idea presented by a woman is denied and then accepted when the same idea is presented by a man, but I can’t seem to figure out how to have the sort of Utopian society I dream of without a struggle. You know even women slight each other in favor of opinions by men. Is that just the Midwest?

Why must it always be a struggle? Why can’t we just be peaceful?

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