Why Does Wacky Shit Happen?

Lots of people blame Eve for the wacky shit that goes on the world. If she just wouldn’t have eaten the apple, so the theory goes, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. How did the blame get transferred to Eve? I was thinking the other day that God sent a flood to eradicate the evil caused by the sin that she and Adam committed. Yeah, I’m reading the text that says she gave the fruit to the man who was with her. It doesn’t say she went home and gave it to him but that he was with her. Read: He was just as guilty because he was standing right there, but I digress. So anyway, there is this flood. And all the sin that was introduced on that fateful day in the Garden was washed away; it was drowned out from the earth. So why don’t we blame Noah’s sons for our problems today? Weren’t they the first ones to sin on the clean slate? I mean, I think I will not only ask Jesus, but also Paul, who actually is the person responsible for our understanding of Jesus as the second Adam, why in the hell we needed to be redeemed from a sin committed before the flood? Weren’t we, for all fo those years, really trying to atone for Ham’s sin?

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