I Am Really Starting to Get Excited

Call me crazy, but we had to do a textbook evaluation in my 601 class, and while I think it is an exercise in futility because the book we will be using has been selected for us, I found that writing the actual analysis made me miss teaching. I mean in a heart sick, I miss it way. I am so excited to teach next semester it is not even funny. The only sad part of it is that they picked my least favorite book for us to use next semester. It isn’t a bad book; it is just difficult for me to figure out. It isn’t set out nicely like some of the other ones are. My favorite one isn’t even on BSU’s list of acceptable texts. Go figure.

I am excited, too, because our 605 teacher has asked my friend Jim and I to do a presentation for all of the writing faculty. We are doing our class presentation on gay and lesbian issues in the composition classroom, and she thinks that the whole faculty needs to hear it, so we are set to give it as a workshop sometime in November. We are meeting with her tomorrow at 11AM to discuss it. The whole thing is a ton of work because we were each supposed to have 30 to 40 sources, but since we decided to work together, we are supposed to have 60 to 80 sources. I don’t think 60 to 80 pieces of literature have been written about GLBT? issues in composition, but we’ll see. We start our official work on it tomorrow after the textbook evaluation is due.

This weekend was wacky. Merideth was here all weekend and it was great fun, but I got behind on everything and we didn’t go to my parents house. I don’t think Merideth has been here since she moved and not visited my parents. I have to say that she was a touch wacky, though. It seemed like she didn’t have enough time to spend with everyone she wanted to see—like she was racing the clock the whole time she was here. I am sure it couldn’t have been very relaxing for her and that she didn’t get to see everyone she wanted to. We spent the entire day on Saturday going to cemeteries pretending we were ghost hunters. How grown up! Thank goodness for the week at Christmastime, too!

Now Bec’s parents are here and leaving tomorrow. They’ve been here since Sunday, and Jack tilled a spot for Becky to have a garden next summer. I only hope we don’t have tomatoes growing out our yangs, and that we can give them all away. I feel like I am constantly running, like a little hamster, and getting nowhere fast.

I will say that the time can keep flying, so I can teach. I’m ready. Now I just have to design that syllabus.

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