What I Learned This Week

You can’t trust people the way I like to trust them. I am sometimes such a child about how much faith I have in people. I keep thinking they won’t disappoint me, but it never fails that they do. I give people too much credit for being kind, loving, compassionate beings, but it turns out I am always let down. We listen to NPR and I swear I would love to go down stairs just one day and hear a story about someone committing some amazing act of bravery (not related to war), to hear of someone doing a good deed, or to listen to a story of warmth and love. I know NPR has its share of those types of stories, but they aren’t on first thing in the morning. What I get to hear is the voice of George W. Bush, telling us that it was his right as president of the United Stated to veto a bill containing universal health care for children—it was too expensive! Whatever jack ass! And I don’t mean like the movie—it was funny. I just keep thinking that some politician will come along who will restore my faith in the whole process, some colleague will come along who will restore my faith in graduate students ( I am sure there is one grad student who isn’t out for himself/herself), or one customer who isn’t in a hurry. I mean, shit, people just can no longer get along. Everywhere I turn there is someone else in a hurry. Someone else returning something. Someone else getting crappy with a waitress or a customer salesperson who cannot help the fact that they don’t sell fat girl clothes in the store at Old Navy or that the kitchen fucked up the food again. I love people, that is my problem with this whole thing. I think we were made to be here for each other and I am not sure why people insist on treating each other like doormats. Love, people, that is why we are here on this earth together. Love and compassion.

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