A New Day: The Same Cold

I don’t recommend this cold to anyone. There are some colds I have had that I felt better after it was over, like I got sick to get better; those I might recommend, but this this one is definitely a get sick to get sick, sicker, sickest cold. What is wacky is that I fell asleep last night at 8Pm while reading Vanity Fair and didn’t wake up until 730AM. The reading light, which could double as a dentist’s or proctologist’s light, that was turned on two feet above my face didn’t even wake me up until 3AM when I pushed it so it wasn’t in my face and then promptly fell back to sleep.

School is going really well, but I am so overwhelmed with all the work. I am excited about next semester because I want to teach two classes and take two classes, and maybe actually have a life. I want to organize my classroom the way I want it to be, and I want to take at least one class that I want to take.

Life is pretty good right now. Our house is nice and warm. Our cats are crazy, but I wish I was a cat so I could go down the stairs like they do, in and out of the railings. The dogs are fun, although Lily ate an entire Starbucks Frisbee the other day, and it has recently been a squirrel free-for-all around our neighborhood.

I love fall, it always makes me love life. I think fall is there to remind us that it can always get worse, then winter comes and proves it. Spring is there to remind us that rebuilding follows destruction, and summer proves that too much of a good thing ceases to be good. The leaves are finally changing colors and there is a bright yellow one right outside the window of the lounge. Our trees in our yard are changing, too. They are dropping their leaves right into our gutters, which we are going to clean this weekend. I am looking forward to climbing the ladder and crawling around the roof to get to all of them. What fun! I wouldn’t trade anything for the leaves, though, well maybe I’d trade leaf changing for Los Angeles, but I am sure I will stay in the Midwest forever, so I guess I can look forward to the leaves and fall and cleaning gutters.

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