605: Presentation PPT

Our power point is nearly finished for Friday. Talk about an exhausting project! You never know that something could end up being so exhausting until you are in the midst of it. I think I can attach it here, but the computer geniuses tell me no. I think I can, but I don’t have the time right now to figure it out. How much easier it would be to keep all of my school stuff right here.

One response to “605: Presentation PPT

  1. This project has been completed for that class. Now we have to go back and define it further and flesh it out for the faculty. Boiled down here is our presentation: (November 16 at Noon)

    Introduction and our findings from BSU survey (20 Minutes)
    Students from Spectrum speak (20 Minutes)
    Teaching things including: whole class, conferencing, writing and texts, online communities (20 Minutes)
    Open Discussion (20 Minutes)

    Title? Queering the Classroom?
    Queer Students/Straight Teachers?
    Out and About?

    Consider Beginning Teachers as well as seasoned teachers.

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