Nothing Special

I am spent this week. I have nothing special to say. I feel like the back of my t-shirt that I got from Jay Bakker’s church, The Revolution. “I am sorry…I have no more fruit to give.” I am so exhausted from trying to get this stuff done for Friday’s workshop that I feel like I could drop over. School is just hard right now, and I am sure that it doesn’t help that I need to start my papers, which always pushes me a bit over the edge.

I changed the song to Come and Listen by David Crowder because I sometimes need to remember that I have to stop. Just stop. And listen. I have to listen to other people. I have to listen to myself. I have to listen to God. I simply have to listen. But it is sometimes so hard to hear. Anything. There is such a cacophony of voices trying to be heard in our culture, and there are so many times that I can’t hear any of them.

I want so desperately to have some time to myself. Just to be. Just to come and listen. I know I only have a few weeks left until I will have almost a month of uninterrupted “Me Time,” so I am holding out until then.

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