Eliot and Joyce

Joyce: The Sisters

What is the significance of the two candles by the head of the deceased?
gnomon: part of the sundial that casts the shadow
simony: paying for offices in the church

He had told me stories about the catacombs and about Napoleon Bonaparte, and he had explained to me the meaning of the different ceremonies of the Mass and of the different vestments worn by the priest.Sometimes he had amused himself by putting difficult questions to me, asking me what one should do in certain circumstances or whether such and such sins were mortal or venial or only imperfections.

Mon Jan 7 16:40:03 2008
The Sisters by James Joyce

Eliot: Prufrock

yellow fog, yellow smoke
catlike personification
significance of Michaelangelo?

“In the room women come and go
Talking of Michaelangelo.”

move from fog and outdoors to description of a woman?
details: hair on arms, etc.
arms: women, workmen, claws?
“That is not it at all,
That is not what I meant at all.”

Move back to nature: waves described a bit like the woman’s arms?

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