Today May Be the Day of Reckoning

So the first thing I assigned my students to read was called Shitty First Drafts. Sounds fun, edgy, and is very easy to read. About half of them bothered. Today they had a huge reading assignment, and by huge I mean twenty pages, so we;ll see if they read it. I may do my first pop quiz! Anyway, I hope that they look at the syllabus and realize that I am packing a bunch in at the beginning so that the end will be easier. They finish their research paper and for the last two weeks they will work on a comic, manifesto, or political poster. How much easier can it be? I guess what I am saying is that I tried to design a course that I would have wanted to take as an undergraduate. Maybe I am strange. We’ll see how their photo essays turn out. I have faith that they will turn out well. I can tell these kids are really talented. Maybe reading just isn’t their thing? I did make a powerpoint to go through everything, so maybe the pop quiz will wait until later.

Think happy thoughts for my mom.

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