Much like Becky, when her mom tells her to email, she does, when my mom sends me email asking if I am still alive, I figure I should post something to make sure everyone knows that I am. A bit of healthy mother guilting never hurt anyone. It could actually be the impetus for much of what gets done in the world.

Yesterday we got all of our technical issues worked out with blackboard and the blog, and wonder of wonders, I look at the class blogs today and they have been locked because Blogger thinks they are SPAM blogs. I am guessing they are concerned because we all posted at the same time, so I hope they turn it back on by Friday, so my students can make their posts.

On another subject, I got to work with small children at church on Sunday. They made a card for an older couple that are moving to Tennessee. Each kid had to put one hand in a huge ink pad and then stamp it onto the card. The red ink was a mess. It was like it just kept growing. One of the kids thought that was hysterical, and he ended up using six or seven wipes to get it off of his hand. The more he wiped it off, the more it smeared around and eventually got on his arm, and I think some got on his face as well. It was fun, and incredibly funny. I love the little kids!

So I am off now to work at the mission and when I get home, I have to read my stuff for Renaissance class tonight. I feel like I am barely a step ahead this semester, but I think that will be okay.

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