Acceptance Brings Responsibility

Part of trying to become a professional and part of attempting to carve a place in academia is giving papers at conferences, but I must say that one should write the paper before being accepted to a conference. You see, I have been accepted to our own local conference PCM, and it is in three weeks, but I haven’t written the paper for it yet. I also haven’t even started my stuff for PCA, and I need to find somewhere that has Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic on video. I can find most of the episodes on YouTube, but I am not sure if that is the appropriate means through which to show video clips at a conference. I guess I will take my chances. Maybe if I write to TLC and ask for copies of the first season they will send them to me? I am not sure. So all that said, I have to do my presentations for Will’s class and for Pat’s class soon, as well. I suppose I’ll spend all afternoon doing that.

Meditation, I think as my friend Myra’s son, Phil, might say may be the key to all of this. I have only done it four times, and already I feel calmer and more well adjusted. When I meditate, I feel this warm sensation come over me; my body literally gets hot enough, so that were my hands were resting on my legs is hot to the touch. I am not sure that is the physiological response that one is supposed to have when meditating, and actually, I think it may be the exact opposite of the one I should be having since most of my friends got cooler.

One more reason to love my pastor. He is filled with compassion.

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