1. inequality between white men and children having sex/black man havign sex with prostitute, white
  2. slave conditions on pages 104, 105
  3. Christianity and the ethical treatment of slaves is a huge issue for Equiano
  4. torture devises used for treatment of slaves
  5. miscegenation
  6. liberation theology (Moses and moving away from Pharoah)
  7. how can we separate the black movement from the church, or at least spirituality: slave narratives, WEB Dubois, Booker T., Malcolm X, Martin Luther King: all of them had a spiritual quality to their writing/speaking; chapter construction like a sermon, with questions and a “song” at the end (see ch. 5)


  • Water as passing: butler’s passing, between origin and enactment, but for Butler there is no origin, or no pre-existing self
  • subalternity: one who cannot speak is a subaltern (or one whose voice is taken over by others)
  • learner not a teacher, never mentions teaching anyone else the things he has learned
  • track of ideology viewed from teh position of oppressor and subaltern simultaneously

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