Andy Warhol is A Mouse?

Interesting perspective by Keith Haring. I am about to go do something that really scares me. I am going to have my students grade my teaching so far in the semester. I have given them a questionairre and asked them to tell what I am doing well, what I am not doing well, and what they think I could do better. I am interested to see their responses because we are getting to the point in the semester when I could use some feedback. I am scared but excited as well.

All said and done, I am apparently not a bad teacher. I love it that my students were honest and actually gave me some things to work on for the rest of the semester. One student did say I was disorganized, which may be that student picking up on my weird idiosyncracies. I am usually hyper organized for class, but maybe I need to appear moreso. I think I just didn’t want to appear like a neo-nazi English instructor. For the most part, their criticisms were very well founded. I need to explain more thoroughly, give better directions, and shockingly, be more structured? Really? I would have died to have an instructor in college that was as flexible as I am. Of course, you can be structured and flexible, which is what I will strive for.

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