Life Happens, Sometimes It Passes Us By

Today was a good example of life passing me by. I complain. Too much. About insignificant inconveniences. One of my friends is having some custody issues, and I complain because my freshman can’t use Blackboard. Well, they can now. Maybe they could before. Probably they could before. Grace. Tonight I had the experience of spending time with one of my best friends, and it never fails that we don’t get to spend a large amount of time talking in the way I would like, the way I plan, and the way my soul needs. I mean I need to get deep and philosophical and real with someone, but we always end up having interesting experiences. Tonight, no exception. A guy named Wes joined us for a bit at the MTCup. Interesting guy. Claims he is Buddhist, but he eats meat. Are all Buddhists vegetarian? I thought so, but I guess I need to research. He asked Sarah and I what our religious affiliations are. We sort of just looked at each other, because we both know what images the truth brings up. We are both Christians. He asked if we were real Christians, so I said we both try, and we both sort of looked blankly at each other. We do try. But I complain too much. And there is that grace.

Stuff from my other, old, defunct blog. ‘m hungry. When my mornings don’t go as I wish they would, I forget to pack my lunch and a banana and an apple aren’t so good at keeping the rumbling at bay for long. I ate my only “meal” at 8 o’clock this morning. Twelve hours ago. I had a bagel with some hummus and a soy latte at about 7 o’clock tonight, but when you are a fat kid, two meals isn’t enough. I do have to say that an interesting side effect of being vegan, and not trying to lose weight, is losing weight.

I gave away the last of the zucchini, banana, raisin cookies today. Not surprisingly, my students weren’t thrilled with them. I think for Friday, I will make some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies, but I am having a hard time finding chocolate chips anywhere around here. My only choice is the peanut-ridden carob chips at White Feather Farms. Maybe the chocolate chip cookies will have to wait until I can make a trip to Indy to get them at Wild Oats or Trader Joe’s. I mean I could order them online, but then I risk having them stolen off the porch, or worse. They could melt during shipping, and then I would just be pissed.

On a funnier food note, the other day Becky laughed at me because I made a pizza that I thought was so beautiful, I took a picture of it. It had sauce, then fake cheese, then banana peppers, then mushrooms, then mandarin oranges, and finally, Boca spicy chicken bits. I have say that it tasted as beautiful as it looked. And so healthy! The only thing it needed was some spinach or tomatoes! And for desert I had some amazing Tofutti strawberry wave ice-cream sandwiches. Tasty eatin’!

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