Nine Hours, Two Cookies, and a Veggie Wrap Later

I finished grading the first assignment, and I have decided that I am on a strong learning curve. Going by the rubric we created together, nearly everyone got A’s, which I am okay with. My problem is that I can’t justify not being able to give an A+ to a couple of students. They all did really well, but there were a few that were amazing. The best I can do for them is to use their projects as examples for next semester, so they live on in infamy!

I didn’t meditate today, and I can feel it. I didn’t write my PCM paper today, and I needed to. I didn’t eat right today, and I should have. I didn’t do much today except grade and go to class. I need to figure this scheduling thing out, like yesterday.

Tomorrow, I am going to get up and walk the dogs, then write my draft of the creative parts for PCM, then I am going to go have coffee with a friend, then have office hours where I hope to work on the critical parts of the essay, then I have class, then I will finish the essay. I am sure I will be editing it up until the last minute. Why do I do this to myself???? I can’t not try something for once, can I? Damn. I’m behind. Maybe one day I’ll get so behind, I’ll catch up!

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