We All Work Together: At Least We Should

“Just as you have the instinctive natural desire to be happy and overcome suffering, so do all sentient beings; just as you have the right to fulfill this innate aspiration, so do all sentient beings. So on what exact grounds do you discriminate?”

“Genuine human friendship is on the basis of human affection, irrespective of your position. Therefore, the more you show concern about the welfare and rights of others, the more you are a genuine friend. The more you remain open and sincere, then ultimately more benefits will come to you. If you forget or do not bother with others, then eventually you will lose your own benefit.”

Some days I lean more toward Buddhist thought. Today is one of them. I lean particularly toward listening to and applying to my life the wisdom of the Dali Lama, because I think he embodies compassion. I put Mother Teresa in this same position of authority in my life—not Godlike authority, in case there are any religious wackos reading this)—mostly because I think we all need models of grace and compassion to strive toward. Earthly models. People we can tangibly touch, easily see, and actually hear talking about their struggles and successes in living out a life for others. I mean the last part of the second quote rings true: when we help others, we help ourselves, and when we don’t, we receive no benefits. It isn’t like we give to others solely to get the benefits; but we give because it is better to give than to receive. This giving is a giving to all sentient beings. Giving to all equally and freely.

On what grounds do I discriminate?

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