Hillary: Here and Gone

I should have gone to hear Hillary, but there is something about the idea of my house being right across the river that assuages any bit of regret I could have had. The facts that I had police circling my house, and that our road was blocked off so that her bus could enter Muncie Central’s parking lot, sort of brought home the state of our states. We are under constant surveillance, and that isn’t a good thing! I still love some Hillary. Unfortunately, Becky and I will be canceling each other out in the primary, but I guess at least we are both voting in the same primary, which is nice. I have several friends/students who got their pictures taken with Hillary last night. They both volunteer and work for her campaign, something I said I would do, but I don’t have time to do. I am glad I can live vicariously through them.

Today, I am grading, reading, and going to Ivanhoe’s for dinner. I NEED a milkshake! Yeah, I’m cheating the animals!

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