No Church: Walking and Reading

Today I decided to stay home from church because I didn’t get home from school until 130 in the morning. I finished the grading and now I just have to read my stuff for class. This week, my students’ rough drafts are due, and then I have nothing to grade from them until near the end of the semester. I am looking forward to working on my stuff for a change. At any rate, I decided to stay home and get my reading finished and get my response papers written. I also have to say that I am kind of addicted to the long walks I take with my dogs in the morning, so as soon as I get finished with this, I plan to go for one. I think I am going to do the longest one we do that goes past the wetlands. I want to see how they are progressing. I am trying to do this thing were I write a poem a day. Or at least I write something a day. Initially, my blogs were to force me to write daily, but that hasn’t worked necessarily, so I am going to be a little more intentional about it. I need to keep working on my writing even though it has apparently improved a great deal! All that said, time to walk the doglets!

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