i skipped a day

yesterday (Jack Hirschman):
the wars drugs on, die after die,
soldyeahs and shopped suichives mock
an ignomanyus fear of socult exisdunce
and Jam Juice tearns over
in his tome.

today (Jack Hirschman):
When I was
student young
one day the
Kerouac way

suddenly was
felt far and near
like an eruption
of the American


A reflection on

foremothers and forefathers.

We all need
all of them
to look back to
to look up to
to challenge us.

We need to see
how they saw
we need to see
why they fought
we need to see
who they made us

Kerouac Dickinson Ginsberg
Ferlenghetti Addonizio Baraka
Plath Hughes Hejinian
Sanchez Poe Walker

They are who I am becoming.
I am becoming them
with a fresh skin
in a new time
through my process.

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