today, today, dah dah dah dah dah dah

Line Poem
by Caroline Knox

Long jetty, long shell-racked jetty, cracked warped planks.

Beautiful fish, beautiful sea-bass poached with an August tomato,
on an ironstone plate.

A snake’s slough, a snake’s spinal cord, a dry-rot stump.

A twill tape measure, an audiotape cassette unspooled and puckered,

Agate prayer beads, kazoos, whistles, rattles.

A bike chain and a bungee cord. A möbius strip and a broccoli elastic.

Split vanilla pod inset with paltry-looking flat oily brown seeds.

Egg-and-dart molding of vitreous fake sandstone. Contrails,
mares’ tails, mackerel sky.

List Poem

Old comic book, a Wonder Woman comic book, soiled pages.

Pink worm, a slippery earthworm cracked and dry, in a plastic sandwich bag.

A raccoon skin cap, a rabbit’s foot key chain, a piece of driftwood.

A crinkled dress pattern, several eight tracks labels faded, dusty.

Knotted prayer rope, song flute, marbles, music box.

An airplane gear and a silky cord. An infinity symbol and two pieces of velcro.

Soybean shell burst with beans missing and husk brown and dry.

Papier-mache volcano with soda-vinegar explosions. Sun dogs,
neighbor’s dogs, Red Dog Saloon.

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