Blue Bottles and Papers

I decided to come a bit early to the Blue Bottle to meet with my friend Chelsy. We aren’t meeting until 10AM, so I told myself I would get some things from school done before she gets here. I am processing some of my own life, here and now, before I get started reading articles upon articles. I have decided I need to get one paper and my annotated bibliography finished this weekend even if it kills me. Once I get Bob’s paper finished, I can then do my other two papers and be finished with yet another semester of graduate school coursework. I will then have two summer courses, and two regular semesters left to go. I am ecstatic!

This summer I am going to try to narrow down the texts I will focus on for my dissertation. I think I am going to try to select texts from my various areas of interest (Contemporary American, Contemporary British, Victorian, and Realism/Naturalism) and then use a theoretical tie to bind them all together into several cohesive chapters. That, at least, is what I am thinking of doing right now. We’ll see when the time comes if it actually works out that way!

I realized as I looked back over my last few blogs, that I have sort of left God behind somehow. I assure you, that for once in my life, it wasn’t intentional. [They] just sort of slipped through my fingers somehow. I think that happens every semester in some way, but this semester it started with Lent. I wasn’t really in a Lent-y mood and it degenerated from there. In the past, I have had some bone of contention or some beef with God, but recently I just find myself thinking I can do things without God’s help.

I appreciated our sermon this past Sunday because it reminded me that we need to take on tasks, visions, dreams that we cannot possibly achieve without God’s help. David reminded us that too frequently Christians are comfortable in our set ways, our little ruts we trudge along in, and we don’t do much out of the ordinary. And how many churches do you think heard a sermon in which the pastor compared theology to string theory? I am sure that in Muncie there may have been one other one, but outside of that…I suppose I should pick up String Theory for Dummies if there is such a thing, so I can understand the entire analogy he was trying to make.

Really, things in life are chaotic but good. So I look forward.

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