Stuff and Nonsense

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and the day before tax day.

My grandma’s funding got approved for the nursing home. I can never remember whether it is Medicaid or Medicare. Whatever it is, I know it won’t be there when I am old enough to need it. I just hope I have enough money to buy a primo shopping cart to put all my stuff in. Until then I can carry it in a back pack, but I think by the time I am old it will be too heavy to carry. I figure that will be how I get out of paying my student loans, too!

Well, stuff is wrapping up at school and I am looking forward to that week of break before I start the madness again. I have three twenty-five page papers to write, forty-nine 8-10 page papers to grade, and two weeks of readings still to do. Will I make it? Stay tuned for periodic installments of my successes.

Bec is back from Arizona. She had a fabulous time and brought me back a neat piece of art that hangs on my office wall. Stop by and see it sometime.

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