For Real It’s Finished Now

I just turned in my students’ grades and got all three of my papers back from my professors. Apparently, I am doing new and original work, but my writing still sucks. Okay, in all fairness, it isn’t nearly as suck-tacular as it was three or four years ago. I just wish I would have known as a nineteen year-old that I wanted to do English for a living. I could have had the advantages of my peers, since most of them were English undergrads and had the benefit of having someone nurture them through this writing process. The good thing is that my profs at least want to help me try to rewrite my papers from this semester to turn them into publishable articles. I really have four papers now that I have been encouraged to do that with, so I plan to spend part of this summer doing just that. I have three British literature essay and one American literature essay. I frequently wonder if I should be in British lit instead! I love American lit, though so there I stay.

I am looking forward to doing a bunch of stuff this summer that I never get to do, although, I can honestly say that I could easily lost in this freedom, and end up doing nothing meaningful. I guess I should just consider whatever I do meaningful, because it all shapes who I am. I am hoping to have a chance to read some things for fun, to do some art, and to make some clothes. I am hoping to be able to stop shopping at retail stores by fall. I am sick to death of retail- raping the world to clothe Americans. I figure I can help by making my own clothes, but now the trick will be to find material that isn’t just as bad as the clothes in stores. Oh, and I also need to learn how to sew.

Stuff from my other, old, defunct blog. Cinco de Mayo!

So I walked the mini-marathon on Saturday, spent the day lounging around on Sunday, and feel fine today. It took Bec and I nearly four hours to finish the race, and I know she could have finished it way faster than we did, but it was fun because we did it together. I am hoping that next year I can finish it quicker than this year, and I think if I walk everyday I will be able to. Also, I will probably lose some weight walking everyday, so it should make walking easier. I am all about being proud to be a fat kid, but when I can’t walk 13.1 miles without nearly dying, it’s time to get healthier! And healthier I will get.

I think this summer needs to be the healthy turning point in my life: meditation, walking, veganism, low-stress, and Sabbath. The hair growing is all just desire. A friend of mine asked me what it has to do with the rest of the healthy living, etc. I told her it has nothing to do with it, but I think I have changed my mind. Some religions believe that hair holds memories. I tend to agree. I want my memories to be measured out in dread locked, sustained and twisted over time. Hair is a great metaphor for life.

At any rate, I have tons to do this summer, but none of it too serious.

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