Two, One, Two Again

The other morning when Bec and I were walking the dogs, we found two puppies from the wrong side of the tracks. I say they are from the wrong side of the tracks because they are both pit bulls, and for some reason a small group of fucktards have made the whole world hate pit bulls. I decided to keep one of them and named her Celie from The Color Purple, which as you may know is my favorite book. I also think, much like Celie was a discarded woman in the book, my dog was discarded. At any rate neither dog was much wanted by their previous owners because they were freezing cold, shivering, and huddled together somewhere near the dam at McCullough Park. We rescued them both, and then farmed one out. My friend Cristin took Puppy X—she never decided on a name—and kept him for a few days. However, her landlord, who once said she could have the puppy, changed his mind and told her that he would terminate her lease if she didn’t get rid of the dog. So, we now have two puppies again. Frustrating for us, heart wrenching for her. I hope that we can find a good home for the baby, but if not, we will have to call Action for Animals to see if they can take him, or at least help us find a home for him. Four dogs is one too many.

Church was good on Sunday. David didn’t give a sermon. I call what he does giving a sermon, because he doesn’t really preach, he sort of give away whatever knowledge he has acquired throughout his studying. It is really quite nice. If he did preach, however, on Sunday he did what Black or Southern preacher describe like this, “I quit preachin’ and started meddlin’.” He encouraged each of us to find someone that we knew needed help, or that had been heavy on our hearts, and to go do something about it. He actually put his ego aside, a thing few preachers can ever do, because they like to hear their own voices, and commanded us (as closely as Dave commands) to go be the kingdom of God. Basically, I think he wanted to say, “Stop sitting there, and go do something.” I think he is right. Too frequently we think that our hour or two hours on Sunday morning makes us into the Christians we should be, when we should be living the life we learn on Sundays, everyday. More eloquently put: “Stop sitting there, and go do something!”

Bec and I weren’t able to actually do something that day, but Dave and I did have a good conversation about trying to teach some people in the community to make shoes. Basically, I am trying to find a good pattern for shoes, so that we can make a few pairs, and then teach the skill to others so that we can live a child-labor free life as a Christian community in Muncie. Another idea we knocked around were also recycled, silk-screened t-shirts and I thought maybe some type of free clothing exchange would be cool. Essentially, what I see happening in the really near future is us, as Christian or simply as humans, needing to rely on each other in order to make it in this chaotic, greed-filled world. I think that we are going to need a lot more community, and a lot less individuality, in order to survive. I envision a world where we all live in multiple-family homes and share common meals and struggle together, because I don’t think until we do all those things, it’s going to get any better than it is right now. I think that is what it is to see God’s kingdom here, on earth. It is us being that kingdom, and making the world into that restored creation. Right now, we are doing a piss poor job of it, though.

Finally, since I apparently only write when I need to or when I am scolded, I need to mention school. School is going fine, and we got our feedback today from our conference presentations. I did well, so I was quite pleased. I had a few things I could work on, so I will try to polish those up before I actually present at another conference. My assistantship is slowly plodding along, and I have learned that I am not very good at transcribing things. It takes me forever to get one interview finished, but I am trying to saw through the log jam, as one of my professors said today. It’s nice to learn that professors have some of the same struggles we have only on a different level. It’s encouraging to know I could arm wrestle with a prof for the procrastinator’s award. I think I would win, but I would let her have the silver medal. So, life here is good. I look forward. Here are some animal pictures to thrill your souls.

Let’s begin with the cats.
Gandalf the Grey.
Also known by the following aliases:
Pudge, Wumpus, Pudge-Wump, Wumpy, or the one my mom can’t let go of, Smoky

Kermit, the Kermudgeon [sic]

Spaz. Also known as Spazibella, formerly Isabella.

Mojo. Who masquerades as Mr. Mojo Risin, Mojo Jojo, Moj, and Mojito.

Mimi. That’s it, just Mimi.

Now the doglets.

Liliana O’Valleyonovich, Lily, Pretty Princess, Buddy, Dankus, all names she will answer to, none of which will she actually come to. Yet, she always smiles.

Sydney will answer to almost anything, and will come to any high pitched name calling. He is also referred to as Syd, Syd Vicious, Little Buddy, Grumpy Pants, and Little Guy.

Finally, Celie, who has, in her two or three day stay, become known as Celie-Do.

We also have some fish, but their tank is algae ridden right now, so they have no picture.
They also have no names.

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