Weird the Way It Works Out

Bec finally heard back from her friend, Pam. She emailed her in January I think, and she heard back from her yesterday. It was a nice long email, and it made me think about how interestingly life works out. My friends, Sarah and Elizabeth, and I just started workshopping some creative writing this past Saturday, which was incredibly fun and productive. We were talking about trying to publish some things—in addition to our Fat Chapbook—and how challenging it is to get creative stuff published right now. It’s hard to get anything published right now! Funny thing, Pam is the editor for some type of creative writing journal in Washington, and she asked Bec if she had anything to send out to try to publish. Long story short: I think I am going to get the website from Bec, and see if Sarah, Elizabeth, and I can send some stuff to her journal! Fantastic!

Secondly, my friend and now officemate, Rachel, and I are supposed to go to Fishers today to pick up a chaise lounge for our office, but we are having difficulty locating a truck that it will fit in or that we can borrow. I hope it works out, because this chaise is the perfect addition to our already amazing office space. We both thought it would make the office a bit more homey and comfortable for our students.

Aside from these two things, I really have nothing interesting to say.

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