House Painting is Fun

I was supposed to paint everyday this week, but other things crept in as they usually do. We are making some progress, as both of the porch areas, which are the most intricate, are nearly finished. On Monday, I went to help my mom clean out the spare room. I took the books I wanted, but there weren’t as many as I thought. I mean there were lots of books, but I only wanted a few of them. I took several that I thought Izzy would love, and it sounds like she is starting to initiate reading with Ab, so I am glad I grabbed the ones I did. I need to clean them up and then take them over to her. Also, my mom kept some of the toys just so Iz will have something to play with when she goes to visit. It was nice to go through childhood books. It helped me remember why I am doing what I am doing. Practically since I was born, I have been a reader. And I agree with Nathan, most of the gratification of studying literature is how we use it to impact the world, so it was pleasurable to reminisce about how text has always impacted my life and how I have used to impact others. I got to remember why I love books, and I got to throw away some of my really bad high school ceramics. Several abstract masterpieces bit the big one in the garbage box. Sad really, all that talent gone to waste.

Today, I had to do some things for school this morning and then Sarah and I met for coffee and workshopping. We got a little out of control; we chatted from 1030 until almost 3! I think that is pretty good since we have only gone out for coffee twice in the three years we have known each other. That averaged out with the other time makes about two hours a year! We had a good time and, more importantly, we had a good workshop. I think I know where I am going with the piece (a fat studies piece) I am working on, so that means things were beneficial.

I also have to say that the one thing that is taking up so much time right now is Celie. On Thursday we had her spayed. On Sunday her incision opened up, and Bec thought it might be herniated because there was a huge swollen place around it. We went to the emergency vet, and now she is wearing an Elizabethan collar. She did have a tight wrap around her belly, but today she got staples so she doesn’t have to wear the wrap anymore. We are pretty excited about that since it took both of us to put it on and duct tape to keep it there! She is healing nicely. However, her dip for the mange (non-contagious) that was supposed to happen on Friday is now happening in a couple of weeks. What an adventure: I love soon to be $500 free dog! The other fun part of all of this is that she has to be sequestered away from the other two dogs, so she is staying in the back porch. She is lonely. And she whines. We are trying to make sure they all get equal affection, but it is a huge task. I am sure it will be fine once she gets to lose the collar and go back with Lily and Sydney.

Tomorrow, I paint.

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