It’s Official; I’m Ahead in the Polls

I have decided to vote for myself for President.

Really what I am more concerned with at the moment is writing a constitution for this organization. I was thrilled when Alex mentioned that they call it the Lambda Union at Wright State, which is where I assume he is talking about, because I was thinking that calling it something with Lambda is all encompassing without using all the fucking letters and arguing about what order they go in and which ones to include. Good to know, Alex, whose blog I still can’t read. At any rate, we have to write a constitution in order to be accepted into the ranks of “official” BSU organizations. That is the goal, so write the constitution I will. In my spare time.

Tomorrow is my last of classes for the week. I am glad. I am spent. I am ready to go to Door County. I am so excited about being out in the middle of nowhere for four days that I can hardly stand it. No computer, no cell phone, and no pressure. I get to relax. I am actually packing a bit more fun into the weekend by turning it into a motorcycle trip as well. I will leave early on Friday morning and will ride up around Chicago and then head toward the lake. I found a route that will take me right along the lake once I get into Wisconsin. I will ride from Sheboygan to Sturgeon Bay along the lake, and then I will meander my way to Newport Beach State Park. The only part of the trip I am concerned about is the ride around Chicago; I assume it will be somewhat like Atlanta. I hear that it isn’t supposed to rain this weekend, which makes my still recovering from jungle rot feet incredibly happy.

Stuff from my other, old, defunct blog. My new thing is that I get really hungry in the afternoon. I mean really hungry. I think I am not bringing enough food for lunch, or maybe I need to bring another meal with. Perhaps I am going too long between feedings, or maybe I just need to have some good snacks in my office in order keep the hunger away. I seriously feel like my stomach is eating itself right now and I can’t wait until I get home. I have this amazing pasta salad waiting for me when I get there.

I got home last night and Bec had gone a little crazy with the cooking. She made me vegan banana bread, pasta salad, and vegan jambalaya. I brought jambalaya with me for lunch today, as well as eating a piece of banana bread for breakfast. When I get home I may eat the whole darned container of pasta.

I am a little frustrated right now, because I can’t run because of this horrific sinus infection. My sinuses are clogged, my lungs are gunky (which is apparently an official word for full of shit), and my joints still ache. It has finally stopped aching when I breathe, so I think I am on the right track. I am only blowing my nose every hour or so now, and I feel a little more alert. On the positive side of all of this, I am riding my bike to school everyday and will be riding quite a bit this weekend, so I don’t feel like I have lost much of my physical stamina from running.

One thing I realized in class today is that I do quite a bit of self-policing. I constantly watch myself, carefully monitoring my body, assessing its function and trying to figure out what is going on inside myself. I need to stop being so reflective.

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