Really. Really?!? Really? Wow.

Have you ever noticed how the word really is like the word fuck? You can convey any message you need with either word. You can act surprised: Really?!? You can express disbelief: Really? You can express disgust: Really. You can make anything sound better: really sweet, really amazing, really quick. I love the word really. Just like I love the word fuck. Fuck is nearly every part of speech, which is what makes it special, but I won’t belabor that point because once it is on a t-shirt, it is no longer news. And it is no longer worthy of extrapolation. Everyone knows fuck is almost every part of speech.

Speaking of fuck, several freshman boys sitting at the next table were just talking about me without trying to be noticed: “That chick is bald.” His buddy couldn’t hear, so the other guy kept saying louder and louder: “That chick is bald. That one right there.” So I just raised my hand and said, “Right here.” The guy who was making such a ruckus about seeing a bald woman tried to act pissed off, like I was the one being a douche bag and saying something offensive: “What did you just say?” I said, “What’s up?” They tried to play it off like they were talking about some guy who had walked up the stairs earlier. The worst thing is to get caught at your own little game. Really. Really?!? Really? Wow.

I am ready for the weekend. The sad thing about it is that I have so much homework to do because I was gone all weekend last weekend. I have about four books to read, three by Monday and one by Tuesday. I also have two papers to write, one by Wednesday and one by Thursday. Should be a banner weekend. We are having Ed and Abbie over for dinner on Friday night, and I am so excited! We are making vegetable lasagna with low carbohydrate noodles for them and with no cheese on part of it for me. Probably some salad and maybe a bit of boxed Shiraz will happen as well. On Saturday morning, we are taking a short road trip to Anderson to return Adam’s bike, and then I think I will paint some of the house. Good thing Bec is playing taxi for a friend on Saturday. I will need the time to get some reading done.

Classes have started off well. I didn’t think that my students this year could possibly be better than the ones from last, and maybe they aren’t, maybe it’s just me having some experience, though I doubt it, but we actually have good discussions because they aren’t afraid to talk. They actually read their assignments or pretend to, and they contribute to discussions so I don’t have to hear myself talk, which even bores me. All in all, I say this semester has gotten off to a very good beginning.

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