Have You Ever Read So Much You Don’t Remember Any Of It?

I have been reading so much for class, I can’t remember what goes on in any of it. I keep getting Momaday mixed up with Lopez blended in with Bordo topped with some Trussoni. If I mix it all together, what do I have? A fat-bisexual-motorcycle-riding-Mexican-identity-confused-Indian-soldier-in-Vietnam-tunnel-rat. Interesting. Potentially more interesting than each one considered in its own right, but far more confusing as well. I think my brain may be telling me that nothing else will fit. Not one more thing can be squeezed in between the folds of my cerebral cortex. Not one more electrical impulse can ease across my synapses. I am done: stick a fork in me. If it goes in easily, remove me from the water. If it doesn’t leave me in a bit longer.

Watch this for laughs:

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