Funny Shit and Student Athletes

I went to watch the BSU football game today and I have to say that I was really proud of my students and former student. And, I want to take this opportunity to take back all the whining I did about student athletes when I was an undergrad. Even though my dad was a BSU wrestler, I used to think they got a free ride. My dad never talked about how hard he worked to keep up his grades, to maintain a healthy student life, to date my mom, and to practice on top of it. From watching my student athletes, I know now how hard they work. I know they bust their asses. I can also say that the student athletes I have had in class have been some of the most respectful and participatory students, too. I don’t say this to negate my other students, but just to renege on all my undergrad comments about how nice it must be for some students to have their school paid for, for playing a game. I was wrong. I admit it.

I also have to say that I appreciate any student who goes above and beyond the call of duty: the young man who sings so much his throat is constantly sore; the women (and men) who have children; the ones who run past my house singing cadence at 5AM; the techies who are up at all hours fixing sets, adjusting lighting, and testing sound; the future architects who spend hours on end in their cubicles in a building shaped like a drawing table; the art majors who come to class high (on life and art supplies, I am sure); the education majors who will teach our children; and, every student who works hard putting himself or herself through college no matter what major. I will never understand the others: if you are going to college on mommy and daddy’s buck, you owe them more than empty beer cans and sexual experiences you won’t remember tomorrow. Trust me. You owe them your best. I don’t mean that college isn’t a time for experimentation, partying, and getting to know who you are. It is. It wouldn’t be college if it wasn’t.

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