beets>beet salad Richards
corn on the cob>eating, freezing, plastic bags
asparagus> Allen and Rita> Dad
green peppers> in salad, ICK
carrots> taste like dirt
jicama> Travis
tomatoes> sandwiches> off the vine> Harriet the Spy
potatoes> digging them with Janie
Mr. Peacock’s vegetable stand> Bob Merideth
green beans> snapping
peas> shelling
jalapeños> Subway
banana peppers> Cole and pizza
zucchini> stir fry> eggplant
okra> hot sauce
squash> butternut, spaghetti, acorn

Overheard conversation:
I’d dress up as a half-boy/half-woman, but I couldn’t do that for school.
Why? Would it scare the kids?
No, the kids would probably ask, Mommy, why is she half-boy/half-woman?

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