New Leaves, Falling Leaves, and Tea Leaves

Let’s start with tea leaves. I was sick for two weeks, and had put off going to the doctor for just that long. On Thursday night , I felt like complete shit, so I asked Bec to get some lemons and some honey from the grocery on her way home. I thought I would resort to a homeopathic remedy that has always worked before. You see, the last time I was this sick was my sophomore year of high school. Of course, I have been sick since then, but never for two weeks, never so intently. I don’t think I have been to the doctor for a sickness since my junior year of college when I had strep throat. Mostly, I don’t get sick, but if I do, I chase it away with vitamins, minerals, water, soup, and green tea with honey and lemons. I personally think that green tea with honey and lemons can cure any ill, but I have been told I am wrong. However, on Thursday night I was ready to try anything, so I broke out the green tea. For each cup—I drank three little ones—I squeezed in an eighth of a lemon, dumped in some honey, and steeped one green tea bag. I promised that the next day I would go to the health center. I did go, but I never did buy my amoxicillin that I prescribed for myself, which is another story I won’t tell here. I feel much better today, and all I have done is keep drinking that green tea with honey and lemons. I think I may start drinking it every day!

Falling leaves. It’s fall. The leaves are falling. Fun thing, the leaves are the same color as Bec’s hair, and Lily is the same color as the leaves. I am not comparing Bec to the dog, but I am comparing both the redheads in my life to the natural beauty I see around me. I assume that most redheads end up being autumns on the fashion color pallette, just because it seems that Bec looks the best in fall colors: sage, orange, yellow, red, and purple, which I guess isn’t really a fall color, but it has been a color in the sunset the past two nights. Anyway, I only mention the leaves because fall is my favorite time of year. However, my favorite holiday is Easter, which the Nathans—these two guys I insist on hanging out with—made fun of me for. No, they said, we’re not making fun of you. It’s just that nobody says Easter is their favorite holiday. I guess that holds especially true when it doesn’t even fall within my favorite season, though I sometimes joke that my favorite season is every one except winter. Let me go back to my original point, which is that I love the falling leaves. I love the crunch. I love the smell. I love the look. I love that leaves flood my yard and my gutters.

I also turned over a new/old leaf today. I barbecued a duck. In barbecue sauce that I made from scratch. You can do with that whatever you wish.

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