Shock and Awe: Why I Weep.

I am still reeling from staying up last night to hear Obama’s acceptance speech. For a change, I didn’t mind the firecrackers being set off in the middle of the night. It sure beats the gunshots I had anticipated. There were a lot of sirens, but there always are where I live. I haven’t been this interested in politics since I was in high school and had hope for another change, when I voted for Ross Perot. Yes, I did just put that in print. I will say it proudly. I voted for Ross Perot. This year in the primary I voted for Hillary Clinton. I have a history of “throwing my vote away,” which is an oxymoron. How can you throw a vote away? You have to vote for someone. Yesterday, well actually Monday after standing in line for an hour and a half, I voted for Barack Obama! And I have to say that I take great pride in saying that I helped to make a difference. I found myself silently weeping last night, wishing I was in Grant Park in Chicago, cheering with the masses, and listening to our president elect graciously accept the win. The most moving television moment, one that I hope gets remembered for a long time, was watching a young undergrad at Spellman college in Atlanta fall to her knees when they made the announcement. She was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and those ugly furry boots, but when they broke the news, she fell to the ground like a crumbled paper-doll and just wept. If nothing else, this election has brought to fruition the passion for politics in younger voters. If nothing else, this election has been the crown of blessing on the heads of all the early civil rights workers, both those who are still living and those who have passed on. Change is possible. Sometimes I can step back from my usual cynicism and realize that. I am sure I will have more to say as this proceeds, but for now. I am hopeful that at least some things can change.

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