Okay, I lied.

I can’t keep from writing here. I mean this is where I sort out my ideas, and think about the things that mean the most to me: God and grace, literature, friends and family, beer, food, and exercise.

I have been thinking for the past few weeks, while I have been on my little writing hiatus and only posting links, that I needed to figure out what my mission is. Yeah, I know, I am thirty-five and just trying to do that. Seriously, Jesus was only 33 when his earthly mission ended and the spiritual one took over, but I think that is the point. We are supposed to marry our earthly and spiritual missions. For us, because of what Jesus did on the cross and who he was in this world, they go hand in hand. Together. He didn’t live a secular life and spiritual life, so why should we?

My work here, is proof of my spirituality. It is proof of where my heart lies. My heart lies with Jesus, so my life should look like it. My life should evidence his grace.

Yesterday I started a bodily cleansing. I am purging processed foods, sugars, and extra caffeine from my diet. I am making a conscious effort to walk or ride my bike everywhere. I am trying not to take the bus. I am doing this because I realize that my body is not healthy and it needs to be.

Today, I began a spiritual purge. I started a plan to read the whole Bible in one year, which will be a first. I think I have read all of it, but never straight through and never in one year. I think this plan will work because it skips around throughout the text, so I won’t get bogged down in Isaiah or Jeremiah. I am also trying to focus intently on maintaining my commitment to thinking positively.

I am a woman of cyclic intention, so I hope that I can sustain this new lifestyle. With God’s grace, I know I can. Changing my dissertation topic seems helpful.

2 responses to “Okay, I lied.

  1. u-no-hoo

    I’m going to actually refrain from commenting on the above entry in my traditional “i knew you couldn’t do it for very long but i still love you” style. I’m sure you’re aware there are so many things “wrong” with it. So instead of me pointing out every aspect I want you, instead, to sit and think about it. I know you can overcome, persevere.

    Also, since you agree with Jesse James, should you change the Save Darfur to Save Detroit?

  2. Do you have a site for Save Detroit? If you do, I will gladly link to it. As you know I think it is important to take care of humanity in general. To me, people who live here are no more or less important than people who live elsewhere. So, yeah, I am for fixing things here, too.

    Also, I maintain that I slipped on this one, but if you will notice…no Facebook. šŸ™‚

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