100° Heat Index

Today the temperature is well above 90° and the heat index is over 100°. The poor dogs haven’t quite grasped the concept of their wading pool, so they drink from it instead of getting into it and sitting in the cool water. They mostly lie around in the dirt under the lilac bush, trying to bite the flies that swarm our neighborhood.

I want to go swimming in the worst way, so badly, in fact, that I am considering riding my bike to the HC to do a little swimming on the down-low in Dave and Alane’s pool. With my luck, I would get there and they will have decided not to fill it this year. I am sure they wouldn’t mind me swimming in it if they have filled it, so maybe next week I will lug one of my anthologies there and study after I swim.

I have attempted to start running again, hoping that I can continue this time. When I got so sick this winter, my lungs got a little angry with me, and they have only recently begun to feel strong enough to try to start up again. This first week has gone really well, and I think it helped that I have been walking so much. My goal is to combine walking and running to equal 3 to 5 miles every day. So far, I seem to have no problem doing that.

Tomorrow, I will get up at six to jog before the sun is really up. Hopefully, I will beat the humidity, too. It would be nice to be only mildly gross when I get home from exercising. This morning when I got finished mowing the lawn, my headband was moist, but when I got back from my bike ride, it was soaked. I could literally ring it out into the sink. Gross.

I am studying the Renaissance today. Maybe I can get friendly with Shakespeare.

3 responses to “100° Heat Index

  1. Good luck with the morning run!

  2. You and you running people. I just dont get it. I ran tack and cross-country–letting in track even–and hated it. Hated running in the Army too. Just don’t get the draw. Cycling I get though.

    Considered mowing at 5 am? I’m sure your neighbors would appreciate the wake up call. 😛

    See you tomorrow!

  3. Running today was good. I ran at 615, so it wasn’t 8 million degrees. Yesterday when I mowed, I used the little non-motorized one we have, and I started at 8AM. I decided I would use it every other time to lighten my carbon footprint, which I know some of you don’t buy. I buy it, so I am shrinking mine. 🙂

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