Left-Over Vegetable and Bean Stew

Today has been a good day so far. I woke up and walked the dogs a mile and a half with Bec, then I jogged the same mile and a half and only had to stop to walk for about a block! We rode our bikes to church and back, and now I am making bean and vegetable stew out of all the half-bags of beans and the too-old-to-eat-fresh-but-not-old-enough-to-throw-away vegetables.

I like the way my life is changing. I feel healthier, more connected, and grounded. I was talking with a friend, a doctor, who told me that our bodies go through major systemic changes every three years or so. He said that we should pay attention to those changes and follow them. I felt like jogging this morning, so I jogged with my iPod and without my watch telling me to stop and walk or to speed up and run; it felt FABULOUS! I think this may be my body appreciating my willingness to follow its change. Now if I can just get back into the pool…

One response to “Left-Over Vegetable and Bean Stew

  1. nofoolin'

    you own an ipod? u rebel!

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