Nostalgia and Grading

As usual, I am down to the wire on grading, but I am at my brother’s house because we are going to go run after they (Adam, Zac, and William) get back from church. After the events of last weekend, William is living with my brother every weekend now; he is required by his grandfather to go to church every Sunday. As soon as Zac, who spent the night with William last night, gets out of the shower, they are going to leave. Church starts at 11:02 and lasts for about an hour. I think I can finish grading the class I am working on while they are gone. Then I just have the other class to go.

I would finish the papers right now, but my brother is using YouTube to watch the theme songs from old cartoons and television shows that we used to watch. So far we have done Sesame Street, The Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Shirt Tales, The Littles, Fat Albert, Jem, and Rubik, The Amazing Cube. At the top of the computer’s volume. He watches these as the television is on in the corner. Football players talking in their dull, slow monotone juxtaposed with the quick, jingly melodies of cartoon theme songs, all while grading, makes for no grading at all.

I just used my minute of silence while Adam and William went outside to do a photo-shoot of William in his red polo to post this, so I guess I am partially to blame for the fact that I will be up until the wee hours of the morning finishing my grading. So be it. At least I am consistent.

I will post more about this ridiculously hilly run later. I hope it prepares me well for the 10K next weekend.

EDIT: This run was amazing. I wish I lived in Anderson or two reasons: I would get to see my brother more often and I could run at the Mounds every weekend. I love trail running because it is such a change from the drudgery of the street. Once you’ve seen one asphalt or concrete  thoroughfare, you’ve seen them all. Of course, the scenery on a street is ever-changing, but the foot-feel is monotonous. I sort of jones on having to watch for roots and rocks with every footstep. The route we ran took us along the river, up and down several hills in the woods, and past a few of the park’s features, like the Great Mound, a brick house, and their park office. The only thing that sucked was their marking system. I mean, there wasn’t one. I thought I was lost, but I just kept running along the river, assuming that I would either make it back to Muncie or to Illinois.

One response to “Nostalgia and Grading

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    oh, you sappy.
    (and i know EXACTLY what you mean about grammar affected by grading. i started to feel like i couldn’t write in my own language. i realized as i was writing last night that i question most grammar rules i thought i knew. i feel like i need a big refresher course!)

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