African Studies Conference

The conference went off without a hitch. My paper turned out pretty well, and I am happy that I got it finished and that it was not a horrible paper. I am not sure why my ideas take so long to congeal, but I wish they would learn to do it a bit more quickly. At any rate, the coordinator of the conference, Dr. Patton, said she had burning questions for all of us, and congratulated us on our papers, so that is a good sign, right? Our panel chair, Dr. Peterson, engaged each of us in the discussion afterwords, which was enlightening and helpful. What interests me about conference presentations is that even when the papers are not written around a certain theme, they still seem to take on similar qualities. For example, our presentation were all on entirely different ideas, subjects, or themes, but we were able to see definite similarities between the three of them. In short, I think we made BSU look good.

3 responses to “African Studies Conference

  1. Yippee! Good girl. It was an all BSU panel? Who besides you and Jim presented?

    I’m glad you guys did well.

  2. Jim, Kathy Luke, and me. We rocked it.

  3. unfinishedportraitofsam

    badass, Corb. : )

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